Kazakhstan Adoption

Kazakhstan Adoption – international Adoption? Choices are fewer and fewer with each passing year. Countries such asĀ  Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Romania, and Liberia which once approved hundreds and in some cases, thousands, of adoptions per year have closed their doors. China, once the largest adoption program in the world is backed up for years and single women can no longer adopt from China. The choices that remain are few and Kazakhstan stands out amongst those countries that still offer viable options.Kazakhstan Adoption

Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia in the eastern most reaches of Europe and borders Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and was formerly a member of the Soviet Union.

Available children range in age from six months through school age. Kazakhstan Adoption Agencies requires that families travel to meet their child and then spend a two week bonding period visiting the orphanage each day. While the requirement of a two week bonding period extends travel time and may seem burdensome to families trying to adopt, the requirement is actually quite appropriate. Adopting a chld is a life changing event both for the child and the adoptive parent(s) and spending a two week period ensuring that the decision is the right one really pales in comparison to the gravity of the decision. Most families decide to do two trips with the second trip requiring five days or less typically.Kazakhstan Adoption

Children are of European and Asian descent, some appearing Russian and some more Asian. For families and single women who previously adopted from China and are either no longer eligible to adopt from China or those who don’t want to wait years, Kazakhstan children of Asian descent are a nice complement to their siblings adopted from China.

Kazakhstan Adoption , Like most international adoption programs, not all are created equal and prospective adoptive parents should exercise due diligence in seeking the right agency. With fewer countries offering viable international adoption programs, there are more and more prospective parents applying to adopt fewer and fewer available children. Finding the right agency with the right contacts in country becomes essential. Deciding on an agency will involve both subjective, personal decisions such as whether a large, medium or small agency fits the best.

Large agencies often offer a sense of security in the process which is both emotionally and financially draining though families working with large agencies often have much less access to the top management who often have the greatest knowledge and expertise in adoption. Small and medium agencies may seem less secure than large agencies but may offer better communication with those who manage the agency and the programs. kazakhstan adoption

Travel to Kazakhstan is challenging and time differences mean that agency personnel must be available at all hours. There are many guides on standard questions to ask an agency; however, a sometimes overlooked and very important issue is how an agency deals with difficult adoption situations. Ask for examples.kazakhstan adoption

AdoptInternational Contact us for further information about this program and why it offers the best option for many prospective adoptive parents.kazakhstan adoption