Adoption Photolistings – The Ins and Outs of Adoption Photolistings

Many couples are well suited to becoming parents and have the desire to do so but for medical reasons have not been successful in conceiving a child of their own. These couples are prime candidates for the adoption process. The couple can in this way have a child and the child has the benefit of the opportunity to be raised in a home where he or she can fit in. Although the adoption process can seem overwhelming at first glance there are a few practices that make it more manageable. The adoption photolistings is one such practice.

The adoption photolistings is just what you think it might be; it is a collection of photos of all the children who are currently up for adoption. These listings are available on a state to state basis so the couples can locate a child as close to them as they like. It is sometimes in the best interest of the child not to be uprooted too severely. In addition to these state photo listings, there is also an international list of photos of children eligible for adoption. Usually each photo is accompanied by relevant information such as sex and how old he or she is. Older children are listed as well. In these cases, more information might be listed.

Of course, like anything else, adoption photo listings have their pros and cons. A big plus is that the couple can actually see what the child looks like prior to adoption. Also, some of the information listed can be a deciding factor. For example, it would make a difference if the child’s hobby matched the adult’s. Or if the child loves dogs and the adults have pet allergies this might not indicate a good match. On the flip side, one disadvantage to seeing a picture of the child takes away from the whole getting acquainted process and makes selection rather mechanical and clinical rather than just getting used to each other in a personal and nurturing manner. Some people feel that being able to see the photo and possibly being influenced by it makes the selection an impersonal “shopping” experience.

The important thing to remember here is that the prospective parents have the option of either looking at the pictures or not. If they feel it will bias them against any particular child then perhaps they should not use the photos because the fundamental thing to consider is the child’s well being.

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