Chinese Adoption – America’s First Choice For Adoption

Chinese Adoption –  More than any other country, American Couples turn to China when adopting. Since 1992 American families have brought nearly 50,000 Chinese orphans into their hearts and homes. Why adopt? Why China?

The Chinese Adoption question is an easy one. Americans thrive on family life. Many couples, unable to grow their family through more traditional means, find themselves faced with choosing between medical solutions and adoption. The medical rout is often physically and emotionally draining, always expensive, and rarely guaranteed. While adoption presents its share of emotional and financial challenges, its results can be more predictable, especially when the adoption is from China.

Why China? The reasons are numerous, starting with availability. There are many orphans available for adoption in China. In the 1970s, China implemented a family planning policy. The policy, legally limiting the number of children allowed per couple, has been very effective in helping to reverse their dire poverty rates. A side effect of the policy – a sharp increase in the number of Chinese orphans.

You would think that with poverty issues, Chinese orphans would be at a higher risk for health problems. Not so. Chinese orphans have been found to be very healthy. Harvard University recently conducted a study which showed that the orphans in China are significantly healthier than their other-country counterparts. Most Chinese birth-mothers live simple country or farm lives with little or no exposure to drugs and crime. Once given up for adoption, China provides its orphans with individualized care versus the institutional care offered in many other countries such as Russia.

Everyone has heard the nightmarish stories of adoptive hopefuls traveling to Russia three, four, even five times, spending untold amounts of time and money only to come back empty handed, broken-hearted, and with no satisfactory explanation from the host country governmental agencies. Not so with adoption from China.

The United States and China have enjoyed longstanding governmental cooperation regarding U.S. citizen adoption of Chinese orphans resulting in a smooth, streamline and very affordable adoption process, overseen by the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA).

The CCAA severs all parental rights to Chinese orphans prior to making the child available for adoption, so there is virtually no waiting period. Only one trip to China is required for adoptive couples and within days of arriving, they become responsible for the care of the child. Adoptions are finalized in China within a very short time period if both adoptive parents are present. China touts their tried and true procedure of matching children with eligible parents based on compatibility characteristics rather than birth-mothers selecting the adoptive couple.

And finally, the Chinese government has made it safe for Americans traveling to China to adopt. They have imposed strict laws and serious consequences which protect visiting couples as well as all foreign tourists.

American families seeking their newest hand to hold, look to China and are rewarded.

Author (and adoptee) Kris Thompson is a regular contributor of articles about family life and trends in America and is also the owner of Picture Me Perfect ( a custom card company, including Adoption Announcements, in Houston, Texas.

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