Christian Adoption Agencies – Why We Chose Haiti For Our International Adoption

Christian Adoption Agencies – My name is Mike and my wife Jenny and I adopted an awesome 4 year old girl from Haiti, the 2nd poorest country in the world. We found an orphanage in Haiti that had a tremendous need for Christian parents to step up and see the need for rescuing children who need to come out of poverty, hunger and no way out.

We began searching for the right path to take in 2004 and were led to an orphanage that was being run by an awesome Haitian pastor. He has dedicated his entire life to helping get the kids adopted out of Haiti. We actually did not go through an agency but dealt with orphanage directly, which they were very, very good to work with. They are Christians and so we felt comfortable that everything would be on the up and up.. and it was.

Haiti is the 2nd poorest country in the world and the government has put a ban into effect that once a child turns 16 they are unable to be adopted.

Kayden (who we adopted) qualified for the state spelling bee and the state speech meet after only being in the U.S for 1 1/2 years, we consider that pretty amazing considering the fact that she could hardly speak any English when she arrived in the U.S.

We actually met Kaydens birth parents, it was very moving and powerful experience, they simply could not provide enough food for their kids. We now help support them. The average yearly income is $300.

Reasons why we chose Haiti:

1. The cost. It’s only $9000 for the first child and if you adopt more than 1 you get a discount. Our government gives a $10,000 tax credit so it balances out.

2. Its close. It still is international but its only an hour or two off the tip of Florida, a round trip ticket was only $500 from Iowa. We chose not to adopt locally because of the risk the birth parents wanted their child back.

3. It’s safe. No funny business from the government wanting money under the table.

4. Convenience. We didn’t have to spend the extra money going through an agency.

5. God led us to them!

If you are looking for a place to adopt from that is priced well, close to the U.S and is run by Christians, this is a great place. There is a yahoo chat group of past, present and future adoptive parents from this orphanage that you might like to get involved with and ask questions. Go to and type in HCRM in the search box.

Mike Dejona and his wife intend to adopt again from Haiti soon. You can see pics of Kayden here at [] and you can visit the orphanage to see kids that are available for adoption here at []

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