International Adoption Agencies – Bringing Happiness and Light Into Your World

International Adoption Agencies – Since adoption agencies play a vital role in bringing happiness and light into your world, and security to the life of a small child orphaned by circumstances, prospective parents should take care in choosing a good adoption agency. A process that involves emotional upheaval for both parties need not be made worse by layers of bureaucratic tangles. A good agency will avoid your getting caught in the web of red tape.

Adoption agencies are usually authorized by the state and are under strict rules and regulations formulated by the state. Licensed agencies of the state are subject to periodic inspections from state authorities. Hence, they organize valid and legitimate international adoptions through their staff in different countries around the world. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau if an agency has a clean legal chit.

International Adoption AgenciesChildren Hope International is a not-for-profit licensed adoption agency which unites more than 800 children from China, Russia, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Columbia with their parents-to-be in the United States. The first agency to initiate international adoption in China, this agency has also been accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education. With a number of offices in the United States and in Beijing, India, Guatemala, Columbia and Russia, Children Hope’s staff members facilitate placements through a wide variety of adoption programs.

Licensed in North and South Carolina, the Christian World Adoption Agency has made placements for many thousands of children since its inception in 1991. The agency has a variety of adoption programs in many countries, and employs counselors and educators to help prospective parents face the process, apart from translators for various languages. They are committed to providing a secure future to orphaned children around the world.

International Adoption Agencies – Other licensed and reliable international adoption agencies in the United States are Alliance for Children Inc, Dillon International Inc, and Adopt Abroad. You can find a full list of approved agencies at

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