International Adoption PhotoListing is a Useful Tool

International Adoption photolisting is a method that allows prospective adoptive parents to get more information about the orphan that they would want to adopt. To get a better idea of what this actually entails, imagine a website of an adoption agency with a database of photos and personal information about the children for adoption.

Before the advent of the internet, photo listings were once published as books and were only made available to local and national adoption agencies. These listings then had regular updates that were sent out via subscription, and that was it.

Today, the International Adoption PhotoListing on the internet is definitely more convenient and, thus, better favored, since it is easily accessible and also provides more complete information about the children for adoption. An entry in the listing would generally contain a photo, personal information, physical description, interests and even the child’s medical history.

These photo listings are available in each state and also in most countries. They can easily be found in US websites and other countries. With the internet’s ability to compute, calculate and disseminate information, the database as a whole is able to provide general statistics on the number of children up for adoption, not only in one area, but also in different parts of the world.

While statistics on the adoption photo listings provide the number of children who are for adoption, it remains to be the statistics of what is actually happening to real lives of real people. These statistics actually serve as an eye opener how the world gets populated with children who have no families or have been abandoned by their families. Each photo in the listing is not merely an image but the face of a child wanting to be adopted and have a family to care for him.

Advantages and Disadvantages of  International Adoption PhotoListing

1. Thanks to the internet, each listing reaches out not only to thousands but millions of people around the globe who could just be yearning to have a child of their own through adoption.

2. The downside though is that since the listing sites disclose the personal information of the orphaned children, the privacy is not protected.

To resolve the issue on unprotected privacy, adoption agencies who publish their listings on the web are then advised to use a false name for every child in their database. This way, the information on the adoption photo listing is still able to reach out to millions of people around the globe with the identity of the orphaned children still protected. Learn more about adoption at

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