Single Parent Adoption

Single Parent Adoption – Single Parent Adoption Adopting a child can be a wonderful way to start a family. While straight married couples have traditionally been the ones that adopt children, that trend is changing. Recently more and more prospective parents are stepping forward who are not married / singe parent adoption. Sometimes people who are divorced or separated decide they still want a child, or a person who has never been married may decide that she or he wants to raise a child without a partner. Whatever the reason, adoption is a great choice for single individuals looking to start a family.

Adoption and Texas Law

In the state of Texas, any adult over the age of 18 may apply for adoption. Under the law an agency can not discriminate against a person because of his or her race or ethnicity. While there are some restrictions depending on the agency, a prospective parent may be of any age, race, religion, ethnicity, economic background, or social background. Adoption by married couples is still the most common, but more and more agencies are granting adoptions to single parents as they discover that they can be equally capable of providing a stable home for a child.

Qualifying for Adoption

When considering an adoptive family for a child, the agency’s and court’s main concern is acting in the child’s best interests. Some states, including Texas, still use this reasoning to deny adoption to same sex couples. However, the primary interest is to find a parent or parents who can comfortably afford to provide for the child. In the case of a single parent, the agency will want to be sure that the individual has a substantial and reliable income that can cover a child’s needs. Since a single parent is the sole caregiver for a child, the agency or court will also likely consider the person’s health and age as a major factor in the adoption application. If the prospective parent can show that she or he has a stable income, is in good health, and is young enough that she or he will be able to work while raising a child, then there is a good chance of being considered as an adoptive parent.

How an Attorney Can Help

Applying for adoption is an exciting time for any prospective parent, and it can be easy to feel frustrated or anxious with the complex application process. However, with perseverance and the assistance of an adoption lawyer, you can ensure that you properly complete all paperwork and meet all of the necessary requirements for adoption. Especially for a single parent, taking on the adoption process alone can be a burden. An adoption attorney understands your concerns as a prospective parent and will work with you to complete all of the required documentation. He or she can also answer any legal questions or concerns you may have, including issues during the adoption process and post-adoption.

For More Information

If you are a single parent considering adoption, an adoption lawyer is an excellent resource for advice and information on all aspects of adoption law.

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